Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Review

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Plus UH70210

In a $135 bucks you will get a vacuum cleaner that will run circles around a Dyson. The Dyson features a bigger chamber, but this baby really sucks the dirt. It practically pulls itself across a rug and you have to hold on or be left behind.
It really 'fluffs' up the rug and you won't believe the dirt it digs out! It does have a small chamber, but just empty it out. The hose is about 7 feet long, eight with the wand extension. You've pull, twist it left and stretch it out to get the 7 feet of hose. Your pet brush is amazing at picking up cat hair.
You won't believe the suction. The self winding hose? Don't pull on the cord to get it to get in, that won't work. Push down on the button on the opposite side and it is self winding. Da! The top cap is a little hard to get on, but you have to raise up to lock it in. Overall, for that price it is well worth the money.
I wish the 'light' was a little brighter, but can't have everything. My Dyson is going on the garbage heap or for sale to a sucker.
Happy vacuuming. After reading some the ladies comments, they seem to get confused when they use this, don't know why? Da. They just aren't mechanically inclined.
Oh, it's a good idea to take the vacuum chamber apart; a simple twist
to unlock and open, to clean with warm soapy water and air dry. It won't
hurt it. Be sure to clean out the suction holes with a sink spray hose. Yes, do remove the top filter and set aside. The cord is a little short, might
want to use an extension cord to offer you more range.
If dust blows out from around the top lid, means you don't have it locked
down tight. You have to push down and lift up on the locking tab, to
lock it into place or it won't seal and dust will escape. A bigger vacuum
chamber would be nice! But, for the price, it is priceless.
The best part of all? Free UPS shipping to your front door! Can't beat that.  

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